Friday, September 21, 2018

Insight: Living boldly by Lorraine Glowczak

One day last week, a friend whose usual fashion choice is subtle, decided to step out of her comfort zone and was sporting black and white polka dotted leggings. “Wow! Love the wild look,” I said. She smiled and responded, “I decided to be bold, today.”

Interestingly, the word bold has been following me around all week, popping up in a variety of settings and in multiple ways. It has even had the audacity to scream loudly in my face more than once. So instead of ignoring it, I have decided to hear what it had to say. I have been paying attention and these are the lessons I learned from some of the articles in this week’s edition.

Bold people make the most out of every day.
In this week’s interview with Linda Gregoire, I learned that despite the many challenges she and her husband John face, they are able to rise above it and move forward with a winning and grateful attitude. In their efforts to embrace the most out of life, it seems the most out of life and the many gifts a community can offer, return to them.

Bold people help others succeed
In their recent purchase of BNI Maine (see front page), I witnessed Kelly and Niels Mank as they support not only BNI members but all those who surround them. Through their “pay it forward” approach, many in their presence have succeed in their own lives.

Bold people have clear priorities
I’m certain I’m not the only one to discover that Senator Diamond sets very clear priorities and takes action towards them. In his effort to improve the life of people and children in Maine, he works on the objectives that will make a positive impact for all. He diligently works to accomplish those objectives and we all benefit as a result.

Bold people solve problems
Aiden Day of Windham saw an environmental concern at one of his favorite spots in nature (see page?). Although it is true that he was working towards his final requirements on his Eagle Scout Project, it took time and effort on his part to contribute to an important cause. His action paired with knowledge not only preserved an important part of Windham’s ecosystem, but created a space for others to enjoy.

So, this brings me to where I am now. When was the last time I made the most out of every day? When was the last time I helped others succeed? When was the last time I had clear priorities? When was the last time I solved an important problem?

When was the last time I was bold?

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