Friday, May 27, 2016

Dear Editor - Powerserve - By Linda Griffin

Dear Editor, 

Saturday, May 14, 2016, I witnessed over 292 Windham High School students and adults make a huge difference in the lives of many Windham residents. 

We at Windham Historical Society had the “green” team named after our Village Gren and 15 students and 8 adults worked tirelessly for over 31/2 hours. They were organized into groups and they raked and weeded overgrown flower beds, they lugged and moved beams, wood was replied and hundreds of bricks were moved to a new home. 

I was stationed at the little South Windham yellow library and my wonderful crew lugged and moved boxes of donated tools, nails, treadle sewing machines, doors and lots of lots of architectural salvage! It was a huge job and the volunteers never stopped to take a break. We had to clean out the little library as it will be moved to a new foundation soon. All the items stored inside were lugged into attics sheds and ells of our nearby October house. It was a huge job and my amazing crew did not even stop to take a break! I told them stories about our historical societies’ plans for a future Village 
Green history neighborhood. I told them about our plans for the South Windham Library, as once it is moved to a foundation it will be used to store artifacts from the Oxford Canal, Oriental Hall, the South Windham Trolley, and the many mills and stores that used to be in South Windham. A new ell on the back will have displays of artifacts from the South Windham Railroad depot. 

I talked to my crew of volunteers and shared lots of stories about the artifacts we were moving and I thanked them over and over again for their help that day. I showed them our society building and the almost ready one room village school. One teen smiled and he said he felt like he was in an interactive history class!

Windham Historical Society members really appreciate all the help we got last Saturday thanks to Powerserve. If this becomes an annual tradition, I hope more T-shirts can be ordered as I heard they ran out.

Linda Griffin
President of Windham Historical Society

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