Friday, May 6, 2016

Dear Editor, From Rep. Sue Austin

Dear Folks of Gray, Casco, Raymond and Frye Island,

With the formation of our District 67 two years ago, neighboring portions of Gray, Casco, Raymond and Frye Island have been brought together. Each day that I serve feels very much like a local journey through time. Each email, each telephone call, each introduction to you gives me a stronger sense of the identity of our towns both collectively and individually. I am ever mindful that while our towns have similar concerns and hopes, each have unique qualities that have been the deciding factor for families to choose to live there. Each town has its own heritage and roots that give it its own fingerprint.

As I move about, I slip through the window of your lives at given moments sharing some pretty incredible time frames in your busy, hectic days. It is a journey that is rich in dynamics with you and the Maine people while processing policy and legislation that have the potential to foster support and enrich your personal, family, professional and business lives. 

I do hope our local journey together continues as there is much work to do. Work to control spending within a two year budget, to preserve a Rainy Day Fund, to answer our damaging and deadly drug situation, and continue work on our energy options, to name a few. To that end, I am rerunning for this position to serve you and Maine. One thought, I hold dear that I share often with our students is that your vote makes a difference! “All the difference”! Remember the “power of the people” through the strength of your vote. It is an incredible privilege and a remarkable tool! Empower yourself and your state by casting it!

I hope to see you on Primary Day, June 14th, (*Flag Day*) 2016 at the polls!

Rep. Sue Wilkinson Austin
Proudly Serving the Good Folks of Dist. #67
Portions of Gray, Raymond, Casco and all of Frye Island

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