Monday, March 16, 2015

Insight - The small business circle - By Michelle Libby

The Windham Eagle is turning two. That’s 103 issues of positive, informative, entertaining news and insights. Every week we work hard to bring you news that you want to read about, events that you might have missed or stories about people you should know. 

We love our jobs. The world of business is new to me. I’ve been the writer and I wrote stories. When I joined The Windham Eagle, suddenly I was informed about the business side of the newspaper business and it’s not always rosy.

A weekly, free newspaper doesn’t make money from selling the paper. All of the money to pay staff, print and deliver the news right into mailboxes comes from advertising. That’s right, the businesses who spend their money in the newspaper, pay for you to get your news. That’s why we also talk about supporting those who support the paper. 

When we are going out to eat, we make sure we go somewhere that supports us. It’s a small business cycle. Now that I’m a part of the board for the Sebago Lake Region Chamber of Commerce, I’m also looking for chamber stickers. It’s a fun game that benefits everyone. 

The Windham Eagle is not a money making business, few newspapers are. We are a stand-alone publication that does not have a financial backer giving an infusion of money when we don’t make our ends meet. 

I’m not telling you all of this for any other reason than to inform you of what free weekly newspapers go through. When Melissa Carter or Dave deBree come to your business, email or call, remember that they are asking that business not only to promote themselves, but also to support a newspaper that means a lot to the communities we cover. 

As readers of The Windham Eagle, we ask you to support those businesses who are in business with us for gifts, services and more. When you’re in the shops, make sure to tell them that you saw them in The Windham Eagle newspaper. It’s a win, win for everyone.

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