Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to think spring with six feet of snow on the lawn - By Michelle Libby

Down about the snow? Feeling bummed about the cold? Have you heard the word nor’easter enough this season? 
Boy do I have some positive thoughts for you…
Spring is only 24 days away. Until then, here are a few other signs that this will all be a distant memory.
Two extra hours of daylight.
The vegetable garden catalogs are arriving.
The flower bulb mailers are arriving. Brecks anyone?

Tax returns are popping up in our bank accounts.
Robins have been spotted in the area.
With all the snow we’ve had the spring skiing in short sleeved shirts is bound to be fantastic.
The daytime temperatures are warming up.
March is next week.
The stores have the spring displays up and Easter candy.
Speaking of candy…Cadbury Crème Eggs, enough said.
Forced bulbs like tulips can be grown inside on the kitchen table.
Need a project? Start spring cleaning, so when spring actually arrives your home is clean and you can get outside to celebrate.
There are a lot of things to be happy about. Despite the white wonderland we are living in, which although it’s pretty, makes it really hard to pull onto Route 302, we can survive the next three or four weeks, until we can get out and plant our gardens. 

That leaves one last question…
How fast can snow melt?

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