Monday, March 16, 2015

Insight - Celebrating another milestone - By Publisher Kelly Mank

The Windham Eagle Newspaper is two years old. WOW! I am so excited and honored to be part of the team that publishes this newspaper. At a soccer game, in a hockey rink, at a school play, walking through Levinsky’s, having dinner at Disantos… random strangers come up to me and tell me how much they love this newspaper, how great it is to get it at their home, and how much they love to see the positive things going on around town. I am so humbled by the amount of feedback and comments that we get and the people who recognize the hard work that we put into creating this paper every week.
I want to personally thank Michelle Libby for being the amazing editor of this paper. She puts her heart and soul into making sure the content in this paper is positive and solutions based, can be read by all ages, and that the integrity of the paper is original and local. 

I want to personally thank Melissa Carter who not only designs this amazing paper and actually takes Michelle’s and my crazy thoughts and puts the puzzle together to create the paper every week, but she also has created relationships with most of our amazing supporters and advertisers. Melissa has a unique ability to get our supporters amazing exposure while not overspending their budget. 

I want to personally thank Dave deBree who has been an account manager with us since our first issue. He has great relationships in town and his heart and soul are truly with this newspaper.

Lastly, I want to thank our phenomenal supporters, everyone from the town and schools to each small business who has advertised even once. Supporting a community newspaper not only helps get your business information out to the community but also helps support our youth, non-profits, town, and community as a whole. Our paper brings smiles to families every week and the only way that is possible is by having our supporters, advertisers and clients. 

Our entire team is amazing and without these special people this fantastic paper would not exist.
Thank you so much for reading, advertising, and being part of The Windham Eagle Newspaper.

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