Sunday, November 9, 2014

To Vets from Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

To Our Vets

To all our loyal readers, every year the date’s the same…for those who served and still remain. They were our heroes of some war and kept us free like those before. 
That’s why we honor them each year and thank them for what we hold dear. 
Where would we be if not for them/a conquered people, we might have been! 
Our veteran’s fought to keep us free, ask any Vet and he’ll agree!
Just like the war we fight today, our young still die, it’s sad to say,
but ask each soldier why they’re there and most will answer, “Because we care.”
And then they’ll smile and say to you, “Someday we’ll be proud Veterans too!”
We have our freedom not by luck or great words some men have struck.
It’s from our heroes we thank today who put us first while in “harm’s way!”
Happy Veteran’s Day to all my brothers and sisters. 

Fred Collins
Iwo Jima-Korea

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