Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fred Collins talks about time to remember

Dear Editor,

You must take the time to remember.
Memories are the golden threads of a life well lived. To ponder a moment on those memories, gives the present, energy to harvest a bountiful crop.
As I gaze out of the window, I see there is no snow, just a crystal coating of frost. But yet, for some reason I see that old simply made “wooden sled” perhaps you may remember the simple hand holds, carved into the sides, just a few inches above the round metal runners you stirred with your feet! Under the proper conditions you could practically fly. A simple piece of machinery, but what a thrill back there in time.
That hill would propel it and you could coast for nearly a mile. Oh, that long walk back, for three minutes of pleasure! The year, early 30s, the meadows were covered with deep snow, then it rained for three days, then it froze! It was a miracle. Holding the collie dog’s collar, you would coast for miles. The sun reflecting from the crystals of endless snow.
Why do you suppose I reminiscence about such matters? Well my garage burnt last winter, there were many things that went up in that blaze worth much more money, but how do you put a price on memories? My old dog, Tray, pulling me with the wind in our face.
We all need good memories: The open spaces, the carefree simple life. The structural loss is evident, but the memories that fortify the present still remain.

Fred Collins
Chairman of the Sunshine Committee

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