Friday, November 28, 2014

Insight - Trying new things

In conjunction with this week’s On the Spot question, I tried something new. I have painted quite a bit. I took oil painting lessons with the late Pat Riley, I have dabbled with art and love craft projects, but I have wanted to and could never get into the adult ed classes for watercolor painting. 
I have books on the subject, but sometimes it takes someone to say “commit” before you make that first swipe of color across the blank white page. When my friend put up on Facebook yesterday that Gray-New Gloucester Adult Ed was having a one night watercolor class, I jumped at the chance to learn something new. 
So last night, by myself, I drove to GNG High School and entered a class where I knew one person (turns out I knew two) and I painted. The picture came out great, one of any variation on the theme. When you paint in a group, it’s a lot like writing. No ones paintings will be exactly the same. 

The  teacher, Kellie Chasse, was patient with a good sense of humor for us beginners. At the end we took the requisite group photo. The night was a success, even though there was some stress at my table about getting it “right.”

As far as the things you the readers want to do, many of you would like to take to the air. Some are more down to earth like hiking the AT or swimming with the dolphins somewhere tropical, but all are personal and will push the boundaries of what’s comfortable. 

As far as something on my to-do list, I’m all about hitting the open road in my Motorhome and exploring this amazing country. (Although right now I’ll steer clear of  Buffalo.)

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