Friday, October 11, 2013

Insight - A positive paper - By Michelle Libby

We received a call last week from a woman who told everyone in our office who would listen how much she hates The Windham Eagle. She said she can’t stand to look at it and it is a gossip rag. When asked why this was she told the publisher that she didn’t like how positive the paper was. There were three issues she had with the paper, one was a story about a high school senior, the second was a student of the week and third was that the paper was full of positive gossip.  
My comment, “peel back the layers, there’s a lot to see and do in Windham.” We at The Windham Eagle are doing our best to find stories about people in our community and people that have grown up in Windham and are making their way in the world. We want to see our friends and family in the paper when we get it on Friday. 

I always tell people that if you want the bad news in town, there are plenty of places to go. Turn on the TV, pick up the other newspapers or keep your ears open. If you want a newspaper that is informative, entertaining and appropriate for your children to read…run to the mailbox and grab your copy of The Windham Eagle. As always we welcome your constructive criticism. Email me directly at

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