Monday, October 21, 2013

Insight - Business virgin - By Michelle Libby

I had never been to a trade show like The Sebago Summit before Tuesday. Book signings are different, there is no jockeying for positions (authors are sat alphabetically) or so many people talking about different companies (we all write romance of some sort). There were 50 different businesses there from a wellness spa to banks to Saint Joseph’s College. Many businesses had games and trivia questions offering prizes for correct answers, others had pens and candy to entice passersby. 
One thing was amazing and that was the incredible energy in the room and the thankfulness that I heard over and over again from the organizers. They mentioned their sponsors at each meal and on signs and any paperwork distributed. Being a sponsor was one way to show gratitude to the chamber for its hard work and also a way to get the business name out there. 

We at The Windham Eagle were proud to be a gold level sponsor for the first summit. Being attached to an event designed to promote networking and camaraderie between business owners is exactly what we attempt to do when we work with businesses to bring you, the reader, informative columns and striking advertising. 

There is a lot of business information that was new to me, but also principles that transcend businesses and personal lives - being positive, sharing ideas, working with others, gathering knowledge, listening and never give up. If everyone lived this way, what a successful world we would live in. 

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours is also a popular saying. Isn’t that networking? Sharing resources in a symbiotic relationship. 

I am learning so much every day about business. (You mean it’s not all about writing?) We are always looking to partner with great companies in the area. What can we do for you? 

I think Richard Dyke said it best when he said to know what you’re good at and know what you’re not good at. Then he suggested that you hire people who know more about what you don’t know about and that’s how a company is made strong.   

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