Saturday, September 7, 2013

Insights - Route 302 Construction - By Michelle Libby

With little fanfare and barely any notice the construction on Route 302 was completed, on time and on budget. 
Thank you.

I received a phone call from Jeanne Wright today. “We always complain about things, but very few people get praise,” she told me. “We should give recognition of whoever put this together. They paid attention to detail.” 

Even if you didn’t notice the construction, it appears the job was well done, no longer are there bumps and grooves in the intersection at Boody’s Corner. Curbs and entrances to the malls and businesses are smooth and even for cars turning. Everything is well marked and despite planning construction during one of the busiest times in Windham, it was not as much of an inconvenience as everyone thought it would be.
Thank you.

“You don’t usually get road jobs that do what they say they’ll do,” Wright said. 

Pike Industries, Inc. bid for the job winning it with a bid of $1,144, 844. It took from July14 to almost the end of August to complete the nighttime project. For those who worked overnight in the heat, dark and traffic…Thank you.

“The work was very transparent,” Wright said. 

I know I’m not alone when I mention that the manhole covers that were sticking up freaked me out. I was worried what they would do to the bottom of my car if I rode in the right lane and didn’t bump over them with one tire. I was thankful to read, halfway through the project, that the covers wouldn’t hit the bottom of my car if I straddled them with my tires.

Thank you, Tony Plante.

Many times, as Jeanne Wright pointed out, we fail to say thank you for doing a good job. We know that if there had been a lot of traffic snags or inconveniences, disruptions to businesses or daily commutes, there would have been a cacophony of voices crying out their displeasure.
For those of you who thought it. Those of you who wanted to say it. 

Thank you to Pike Industries and the State of Maine for fixing Route 302 from the intersection of Route 115 to Whites Bridge Road. Job well done. 

And, if we haven’t said it enough…Thank you.

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