Sunday, September 15, 2013

Insight - Fit 4 Fall - By Michelle Libby

Remember when Fit 4 Summer rolled out and everyone wanted to be a part of it so they would look great in their bathing suits? 

Now it’s time for Fit 4 Fall. Continue on your success from summer or use this new tool to motivate you to exercise, eat healthier and get fit for those holiday cards. You know the ones that we send to our friends, the friends we only hear from at the holidays. Instead of trying to hide behind your children, try standing front and center with your new, toned, slimmer body. 

The Windham Eagle, Time4Printing and Time4Wrapz are partnering with area businesses to offer education, exercise opportunities and more. (We’re still accepting new sponsors.)

Watch next week for all the details. Changes from a new budget friendly price to more flexible weigh-in times, Fit4Fall will have you dropping pounds and inches like a tree drops leaves. 

There will be prizes for most weight lost in pounds and percentages. Who can resist awesome prizes from members of our community? Ask our winner from Fit4Summer, Jillian Sawyer, who challenged herself by doing the Paleo diet, losing 30 pounds and feeling like a rock star. 

What are you waiting for? Put down the double stuffs and reach for The Windham Eagle on Friday, September 20 for all the fun details.

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