Saturday, September 21, 2013

A way to say you're sorry - by Pam Pattee

A good looking 30-year-old man stops in at the shop wanting flowers. He goes on to tell me he is in the dog house with the love of his life and deeply wants to make it up to her.  “How mad is she?” I ask. Lets face it guys, depending on how much you messed up, will depend on how much you will spend for a bouquet of flowers . The flowers should impress her beyond words, letting you back into the bedroom. 
Flowers make the best impression compared to other gifts. Studies show those who send flowers are perceived as caring, friendly, trustworthy and even successful. Giving flowers feels really good and makes you more likeable. 

Send flowers randomly to a friend who is dragging her feet.  When the door opens and her eyes gaze upon the arrangement a smile will come across her face.  Her mood has changed from gloom to joyous. Both of you are now experiencing a delightful feeling. 

Flowers are therapeutic. Whether you are giving or receiving the flowers it’s a joyous purchase. Smelling their sweet scents can trigger a pleasant memory.  Flowers can be sentimental, colorful and invoke mood.
Fun Loving     Bold, contrasting colors are great for birthdays, promotions and celebrations.

Serenity        Cool shades of blue, green and purple are for busy moms or anyone needing relaxation.

Sensuous     Hot pinks, reds, orange and purple flowers make for an exquisite evening.

Romantic    Pastels in both warm and cool hues for the bride, spouse, and grandparents.

Nurturing   Pastel warm colors of yellow, pinks, creams and orange are perfect for moms and anyone who cares for others. 

Flowers bring emotions, color, scent and visual appeal to any setting.   It’s truly the easiest way to set the mood.  When was the last time you sent/gave a romantic bouquet to your spouse?  Try it and see if the mood changes for the better. 

Pam Pattee is a Maine master floral designer and an independent floral consultant in Windham.

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