Friday, October 5, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor's note: The following letters are published in the order they are received.

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my support to re-elect State Representative Jess Fay.  I have known Jess for over 15 years.  As a legislator, I have found her to be thoughtful, engaged in the community, and responsive to the people in her district.

Jess is available to her constituents, takes the time to find out what issues concern them at both the local and state level, and listens closely to the public's questions. Jess looks at both sides of every issue to make sure she makes the most informed decision.

She is also willing to help a constituent in need. During last winter’s cold snap, a friend who was out of oil was unable to get a delivery for weeks--adding oil 5 gallons at a time because that is what she could carry. I shared the story with Jess. Jess was able to get them a delivery the next day.

Jess works diligently with her fellow legislators to solve issues impacting the residents of Raymond, Casco, and Poland.  Please vote for Jess Fay in November.

Leigh Walker

Dear Editor,

It is disheartening to witness National party line politics seep into Maine state politics with parties spending more time digging in on “their” side than focusing on serving constituents and addressing problems facing us all. When Anne Gass announced running as an Independent for District 67, I was not surprised. In my many discussions with Anne over the years, I have found her deeply engaged in our community. She is knowledgeable about issues at the local and state level, but never stops seeking ways to learn more. She is willing to talk to anyone, about any topic and always starts by listening.

In group discussions, she is always quick to point out a good idea or a different way of looking at things. Her professional and volunteer work has given her a strong problem-solving skill set, understanding of state policies, helped her build a network of resources and created a long record of accomplishments.

Anne understands the new approaches to critical issues – such as traffic management/safety, housing and broadband expansion – and available funding mechanisms to assist with addressing them.
This will make Anne a strong advocate for her constituents ensuring we have a seat at the table in Augusta. She looks forward to working collaboratively with other Representatives to get things done. 

Anne has strong values and will fight for them; but is a true independent and understands the best solution is often a combination of ideas and approaches. I hope you join me in voting for Anne Gass.

Thank you,
Sandy Carder

Dear Editor,

With political sign season upon us, I would like to point out a few things. 
Maine is a tourist destination in the fall. People travel here to see our beautiful fall foliage. Instead of beautiful leaves, they get a blast of eye grabbing signs. Vote No! Vote Yes! Vote for me! 

When I see political signs on public property, I can't help but think of the waste these signs are. It is not showing support for a candidate. It is a contest to see who can buy the most signs, that will be trash in a month. That money could be put to much better use.  

The Windham Rotary at Foster's corner is beautiful. The Windham Rotary Garden Club takes time each year to plant and weed the island gardens. All of the signs detract from the efforts to make it look nice. 

I am asking people to have a conversation with their reps about this issue. It only takes a quick phone call, email, or text message. 

If you support a candidate, put a sign on your own lawn or share their name on Facebook. Let's put an end to unnecessary clutter and waste.  

Jennifer Harmon

Dear Editor,

I have had the honor and privilege serving the people of my home town as both a State Representative and State Senator for 16 years. During that time, I have come into contact with many other elected officials. Today, I would like to offer my support and endorsement for State Representative Jessica Fay.

Jess and I have served together on the environmental and natural resources committee. I found Jess to be thoughtful and knowledgeable on the wide-ranging legislative matters before us. She did her homework in preparing for the hearings and subject matter at hand. We worked to find solutions and common ground.

Yes, there were times we disagreed. We did this respectfully.

It is my hope you will return Jessica back to the Maine House of Representatives this November. We need people like Jess serving this wonderful state of ours.

State Senator Tom Saviello

Dear Editor,

When Jessica Fay opened her retail flower shop, I’d purchase a few flowers. We’d chat, and she’d arrange the greens and flowers into a small bouquet as she wrapped them. I’d ask for long lasting flowers. She’d remember and educate me on new flowers. I saw a kind person with grace. She was like a green shoot in the spring.

Sometimes we’d talk about community happenings and local situations of concern. I didn’t want to take all her time, but she’d say, “No, I’m interested,” and we’d finish our conversation. The shoot was becoming a stem.

Jess offered some flower arranging classes with various local libraries. Each library could keep proceeds from these classes as their fund raisers. We took away something beautiful. She showed her genuine interest in creating with a few flowers and in what was said about how our library was fairing. I saw some color at the top of that stem.

The time arrived when she told me about her long interest in political affairs and her family who was involved in politics. This was not an idle idea; she was definitely interested in people’s needs. She listened, she heard, she knew how to achieve the goals. That color was taking the shape of a bud.

Jessica Fay went for state representative and was voted into the house. The flower was blooming. She worked with both parties, Democrat and Republican. Goals were achieved. Bills that she presented were passed. Other bills were passed with her input and cooperation. She is in full bloom and fragrant.

Vote for Jess in November.

Rev. Joanne E. Painter

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