Friday, March 27, 2020

Individual volunteers his time to help with essential shopping and errands during pandemic

Richard MacLaughlin, a Windham resident, wants to help elders and other high-risk members of the community by helping with grocery shopping and other essential errands. While shopping for his family, he was concerned to see many older folks out grocery shopping. He posted an offer to help on the Facebook group: Windham Maine Community Board but has not yet received any takers. He contacted The Windham Eagle in an effort to reach Windham community members that may not be online. "I Imagine there are people out there, scared, and needing assistance," said MacLaughlin. "I didn't think my wife's at-risk parents were taking the virus seriously enough, so we sat them down and had the talk. After they did an initial shop to take care of their essentials, I've been bringing them groceries."

MacLaughlin has the capacity to help others and wants to do so not only for those in need, but because it "fills his cup too." He explained that in helping others, it fulfills him as well. And, he added, "When I keep myself busy, I get off my phone and away from social media and digital distractions, and that helps keep me grounded and feeling more positive in general."
If you need help with essential shopping or errands, please contact Richard MacLaughlin at (207) 747-2882.  Please leave a message if he's not available. He will return all calls.

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