Friday, August 18, 2017

In the circle: Insight by Lorraine Glowczak

In my “Insights”, I write often about how the members in this community come together and give their time, money and effort to the many causes and individuals who are facing a particularly difficult time.

Relatively new to the Windham and Raymond areas, my role as editor in the past eight months has
exposed me to the incredible individuals who live here. I’m still amazed and in awe of the amount of giving and community collaboration that takes place in this small Maine community. 

Once again, there was a lot happening this weekend – The first annual Windham Trails Day and the Kelli’s 5k this past Saturday, as well as the news of Windham’s Rob Gomez selfless actions at the Beach to Beacon 10k (see sports page for interview).

I think it’s fair to say, we love to give because it makes us feel like we are contributing to something greater than our own needs and, quite honestly, it makes us feel pretty good – and there is nothing wrong about that.
But what about the individuals on the receiving end? Those whose needs we are trying to fulfill. I can’t speak for everyone, but when I am on the receiving end of things, it is not quite as easy – or fun. It puts me in a place of vulnerability and it makes me realize that there are times in life when I may not be as much in control as I believe myself to be.

Part of the reason I may feel this way, is that I buy into the belief that it is better to give than to
receive. But if I want to feel good in giving to others, I need to feel good in receiving as well. In order to keep the circle going, it would behoove me to accept a simple and polite “thank you” as well as a fast and swift hand that grabs me by the jersey when I fall.

I’ll end my insight here with a portion of the lyrics from the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” that seems to say it best.

“More to do than can ever be done/There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found/But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky/Keeps great and small on the endless round
It's the circle of life/And it moves us all
Through despair and hope/Through faith and love
Till we find our place/On the path unwinding
In the circle/The circle of life.”

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