Friday, August 25, 2017

A rare human phenomenon. And insight by Lorraine Glowczak

With a few exceptions, almost everyone I spoke to or came in contact with, was excited to witness the amazing celestial event that occurred this past Monday – the solar eclipse. 
Although it is true that those of us, who stayed at home here in Maine, could only see the phenomenon with specialized glasses or specially made solar viewers, it did not prevent our eyes from looking skyward to get a glimpse of the moon passing between the sun and earth, partially covering the sun.

When a rare, natural and stunning opportunity comes around, we shift for a moment away from the terrible injustices and cruelties in the world and come together to celebrate for that moment. We let go of our differences; forgetting we are in competition with one another and dropping the egos’ “I’m right/you’re wrong” perception.

I noticed this “coming together” – a rare human phenomenon, not only in person but on social media as well. For at least a 2 hour time frame, we were almost giddy – kids and adults alike – talking and laughing (or writing Facebook posts) as if there was not care in the world.

It was kind of nice – and ironic. As the moon obstructed the light from the sun, our little “inner lights” remained bright. For just a moment, we carried a carefree attitude. Yes, it is true there were a few Negative Nancys, but on a whole, we all seemed to have fun with one another.

It’s a silly thought, I suppose, but I wish we could have more instances of childhood giddiness. I wonder if that would spark us, as a human race, to exhibit more integrity, justice and kindness.
I don’t know . . . it’s just a thought. I am a hopeful sort.

If you missed the solar eclipse, take a look at some of the events and photographs on page 9.

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