Friday, March 10, 2017

A letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

“A veteran’s remorse”

It’s so difficult to observe some of our representatives who use their political persuasions that are counterproductive to a country and a freedom loving world. To watch them use their political party detrimentally, to destroy those men and women who valiantly served their country and fellow citizens that protected and preserved the values we hold dear; and keep in mind those that lie beneath the many white crosses all over the world that fought as a team and made the supreme sacrifice. 

It matters not what party one belongs to. We are there to represent the people.

It would be fitting if they were to take a walk through our national cemeteries and get a perspective as to what dedication to county is all about. We need to move forward and join hands as a power for good, for a world that needs to see some blue sky. 

“Love to county, not party.”  Hate is a heavy load to carry.

Cpl. Fred Collins
Fought in two World Wars
United States Marines

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