Friday, September 2, 2016

Insight - Back to school - By Michelle Libby

I love back to school time and not because I have more time to myself in the morning, but because it’s the start of a new adventure. We as parents mark the first day of school differently. Some (most) take pictures to mark the passing of time, others decorate their house, some go back to school shopping, but usually something happens to make the day special. 

I always loved starting something new, it’s bright and shiny, with no mistakes in it. (Anne of Green Gables) 

This year, I felt a little different. 


I know. I wasn’t as excited about my son starting his junior year of high school. I was in fact a little sad. As I took the obligatory picture of him, I thought, naw, let’s stay home and do something fun together. 

Tuesday, as I stood on the steps of Windham Middle School, my camera in hand, talking to Principal Drew Patin, I asked if he was ready for this? 

He was.

I said, “I’m not.” But as the teens streamed past me, I realized that summer’s over and there’s no turning back. There might be time for one last boat ride, a few more swims in the lake or pool. It’s almost time to put away the shorts and tank tops and take out the hats and gloves. 

It will be time for soccer and football games, afternoon practices and earlier nights. 

There will be less sleeping in and more early mornings, searching for homework, backpacks and hopefully, toothbrushes. 

I finally get what all of those mom’s have said to me in the past about wanting to keep their kids at home a little longer. I always wanted them to love the adventure of starting something new, but maybe sometimes, the same old thing, like playing games at the kitchen table or having a late night campfire is better. 

I will be excited to see my son after school and hear about his day and I will fill out the mounds of papers I’m given for homework, but the most important part will be knowing that time does march on and we are left with the memories, good and bad. So snap those pictures because our babies are growing up and soon it will be their last first day of school.

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