Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dear Editor - By Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

Friends of the Windham Eagle, what nostalgia! Since I don’t’ get out and about as I used to, I asked my daughter if she would drive by the Hawkes Farm Stand on Route 302 in Windham. 

I have been thinking often about Bob’s delicious sweet corn and those beef steak tomatoes. As we came close I noticed no cars in the parking lot. Since it was Labor Day weekend, I figures perhaps Bob and his great helpers were taking the day off. Of course farmers seldom take a day off!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Closed 2016”. Three generations of service to the public. A benchmark in Windham since I can remember. Mr. Alley Hawkes gave me my first job. I was able to buy my first bicycle that fall. As I drove on the Windham Center Road, I always glanced over to the old cider mill that used to make that great cider. 

Mr. Hawkes family knew the meaning of work. Many of Windham’s youth also learned the meaning of work as they gathered the fruits in the fields. 

I wish to relay my heartfelt thanks to all the Hawkes family for those years of service.

A Windham alumnus,
Fred Collins.

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