Friday, July 1, 2016

Dear Editor - From Mike Stackhouse

Dear Editor,

Please get the word out about this invasive plant, invasive multiflora rose. Here in Windham we are blessed with woods and fields. This plant can do to those what Milfoil is doing to the lakes. It wasn't but a few years ago it started on Alweber Road. Now the bushes are climbing the native shrubs and trees and it's difficult to find a spot in town that they haven't started to take hold. I was lucky that my step-brother warned me about the bush in my yard. He told me if I didn't take care of it, not only would I hate it, my neighbors would hate me as well for letting it into the neighborhood. For the sake of our wonderful town, we need to get on top of this problem before it's too late. 

Here is a link about the rose.

Mike Stackhouse

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