Friday, July 1, 2016

Dear Editor - From John Dow

Dear Editor,

Thank you for interesting article on the archeological dig for the old garrison on the River Road in Windham. My fourth great grandfather on my father’s side, Eleazer Chase, was probably stationed at that fort. According to family history and various records, he was a soldier in the French and Indian War, sent from Massachusetts to guard Windham from attacks in 1742. I’d wondered where he lived while here in Windham, and you’ve possibly helped solve that mystery. 

Records show Eleazer married his first wife, Jennette Elder, in Windham. Eleazer also fought in the Revolutionary War, way past the age when such service could have been required of him. My third great grandfather, Isaac Chase, Eleazer’s son, was born in Windham in 1758, proving Eleazer had a long term on and off residence in Windham. Records show he also lived for a while in Standish, called Pearsontown back then. Isaac was also a Revolutionary War veteran. Eleazer died in Buckfield in 1808, at 86 years of age.

Please keep us updated on any discoveries in the dig at the old fort site on the River Road, who knows, could be a button found that fell off my fourth great grandfather’s shirt that will found! Happy 4th of July to all.

John A. Dow

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