Friday, June 3, 2016

Insight - Who do you give your resources to? - By Michelle Libby

Everyone seems to have a cause that they devote extra time and money to. Whether it’s Scouts, the food pantry, church, Veterans, Rotary or Relay for Life, everyone seems to find a niche to get involved in. My question more than once is how to you choose? How do you narrow your focus down to one or two organizations to give to. 

Last week we wrote about The Summit Project, which honors men and women in the military who have passed since 9/11. The founder of the project found his passion. 

Kelly Mank volunteers to run Summerfest here in Windham. Carrie Colby volunteers to organize Everybody loves Raymond, ME. Jeff Riddle volunteers to help veterans, students and athletes through the Toby Pennels 5K and raffle. 

Countless hours valued at thousands of dollars are put into non-profit organizations every year. Most of these groups wouldn’t be able to survive without the help of volunteers, who do everything from keeping the books to organizing the other volunteers. Many raise funds for the organization or hold open houses, like at that MSPPA on River Road. 

The organizations can help raise the next generation of leaders, help animals, support local businesses or feed the hungry. love to be a part of those events and organizations, helping them make a better community, state and world. Don’t have time to volunteer? People donate money to organizations all the time. The Windham Food Pantry can stretch a buck much further than regular families. The Red Cross gets donations for natural disasters, fires and local needs. If you don’t have the time, then money is always apprciated. 

I’m still working on what my project will be when I finally settle on one. I love starting new things so I have to be careful not to overextend, which I have done all my life. I asked my husband the other day, “If you could only participate in one non-profit organization, which one would it be?” I’m still waiting for a reply. Ask yourself that question, then get out there and support something.

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