Friday, June 10, 2016

Dear Editor - From Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

Voice of the People
“Crossroads of America”

Why do we bother to shoulder a rifle? In these areas that constantly disregard (human rights) or value human life. Wars are not won by soldiers or Generals who believe their job is to capture the enemy. Their duty is to defeat the enemy, which often involves removing them from their existence. 

Let us be thankful that there are warriors that are willing to front for us, against brutality and barbarism. Iran as we know has been feeding these insurgents from outlying gterroirist swamps. By Iran’s actions she makes herself the next logical target in the global war on terrorism – or we must pack-up in Iraq and come home.

We must not only hold our own – we must drain the entire swamp!

We have stepped into the breach. Let us fulfill our mission of justice and freedome for an oppressed people, and the security  of the world!

“We are at the crossroads of freedom.”

Fred Collins
The American

Iwo Jima
From those who stayed
Tell them of us and say,
For your tomorrows-
We gave our today.

Fred Collins
5th Marine Division,

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