Saturday, January 10, 2015

Insight Glancing back, surging forward

Getting ready for the New Year is like the first day of school for me. I love the excitement I get from starting something new…even if it isn’t really something new. I like to clean, organize, finish projects so that I can start the New Year fresh. 
This week I’ve been thinking that we should all look forward and not behind. Yesterday is in the past…tomorrow and 2015 is yet to come and what we make of it is determined by what we do and do not do. 

We say we want to lose weight…it’s not going to happen sitting on the couch. 

We say we want to make more money…then see if there is a way to do that by cutting back, getting a better job, or selling something of value. 

We say we want to stop smoking…then contact a smoking cessation support group. 

Nothing is going to happen if we sit still and do nothing. 

I’m looking forward to the exciting things 2015 will bring. We will cover the positive, the quirky, the interesting people and events that happen in our communities. We are always striving to make The Windham Eagle a stronger paper that keeps you informed, entertains you and makes you proud to call Windham, Raymond, Gray, New Gloucester, Standish home. 

We will set some New Year’s resolutions here at the paper, I’m not sure what they will be, and we will call them goals, but it’s the same idea. We all should strive to be better, do better and act better.
When we think about 2015, we need to consider what outside influences will do to us. In this week’s paper, see what the outlook is for the real estate market, look at the movies from 2014, many of which are still playing at the theater, and visit with Gary Plummer as he turns in his political hat after decades serving the community. 

I guess we have to look back, just a glance, to see where we’ve been so we can know how great the future is. 

Happy New Year to all of our readers, advertisers and supporters. We wish you all the best in 2015.

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