Saturday, January 10, 2015

Insight - Is it Spring yet?

Baby, it’s cold outside. The invention of the Internet and social media has made the world smaller. It’s so easy to check on your smartphone to see what the weather is in Florida or Playa del Carmen. (70 degrees today)
This week I saw that one of the Windham graduates who went to Florida for college posted a picture of the weather page for Windham and the one from her town down south. Needless to say there was a big discrepancy in temperatures. 

Every day that my daughter is home from college, I get a weather update about “the County”. “The high in Presque Isle today is -1. And with the wind chill, it’s -50,” she said.

“Well that’s cold and probably why they don’t want you up there right now. You may never want to come back, especially when your other college attending friends are posting about the balmy temps down south. 

Did I mention it’s cold out? This is the time of year when people should be bundling up, wearing coats, hats, mittens, boots and scarves. Doing that will help keep you warm and healthy. We are going through the cold and flu season where everyone is hacking and sneezing. Anything we can do to stop the spread of these germs is good. 

Washing hands or using the sanitizing gel is a good start to staying healthy. There are lots of sayings about hand washing, including washing for two times through the Happy Birthday song working up a good lather. 

Getting enough sleep is another key to staying well. Staying up until 11 or midnight to watch the last hour of the reality show you’re hooked on, isn’t worth it and I love reality shows. However, they can most likely be seen online the next day. 

Even if you do these things, it’s possible to still get sick. Then it is time for you to get well, eat a balanced meal, take medicine if prescribed, and sleep in, take naps and let your body heal itself.
Best wishes. Stay warm and healthy. Spring is only 70 days away.

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