Sunday, December 14, 2014

Letter to the editor from Fred Collins - Report cards and effort

Dear Editor,

To those alumni of Windham, I recall those years of learning. Perhaps you remember the points when we took our rank cards home to be signed. The following lines remind me also:

“He brought me his report card from the teacher and he said, he wasn’t very proud of it and sadly bowed his head. He was excellent in reading, but arithmetic was fair and I notice there were several ‘Unsatisfactorys’ there. But on little bit of credit which was given brought me joy – he was ‘excellent in effort’ and I fairly hugged the boy. Just keep excellent in effort – all the rest will come to you, there isn’t any problem but someday you’ll learn to do and at last when you grow older you will come to understand that by hard and patient toiling men have risen to command and someday you will discover when a greater goal’s at stake, that better far than brilliance is the effort you will make.

Fred Collins

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