Friday, December 26, 2014

Insight - Finding the positive and the change.

Tales of gratitude, love, sacrifice and giving are what you’ll read about in this week’s edition of The Windham Eagle. Having the mission and reputation of being the “positive newspaper” is difficult when social media and other media outlets are blowing up with negative news about death, murder and danger. The difficult part is not finding the positive news, it’s trying to drown out the depressing news stories.
It’s the holidays. We are supposed to love one another, give freely to our family, friends and neighbors. People are doing that in record numbers and I witnessed people doing this while shopping with the Windham Police Department. I also saw people coming up to the officers and thanking them for all of the work they do. Thanking them for keeping the students in Windham and Raymond safe. It was good to see. 

With the death of the two NYC police officers, I have to wonder what our society is coming to. Why would someone think it was okay to take someone’s life without cause, without provocation? It’s tragic. It’s unthinkable. Is there a way we can change society so we don’t want to harm one another? Is there some kind of Kool-Aid we can all drink that will make us positive, giving and happy? 

I’m afraid not. Our world is changing and I only hope that we can reverse the direction of the drain and pull ourselves out of this downward spiral. 

Here at The Windham Eagle, positive news, raising up our community and bring everyone together is what we are all about. We want to work together, give praise to those who do unique, interesting and special things. We want your young children to read the paper and not be scared by what is in there. Sometimes we have to write about issues in the towns we cover, but we get the facts and write about it in a thoughtful and educational way. 

We are different at The Windham Eagle. We know it and our readers know it. Be a part of the positive change. We’ll be there with you.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Peace on Earth. Good will toward all. 

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you. 


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