Friday, September 19, 2014

Insight - Watching the Eagles fly by - by Michelle Libby

It’s happening. Everything I’ve wanted has finally happened and I haven’t had to nag or freak out in any way. My college freshman is succeeding in college. I know it’s probably too soon to say that, but from what I’ve heard, she’s making her way, has some good friends, is learning to deal with a roommate and has successfully navigated the work study job market, all on her own. She’s making it to practice and to her classes, of which she loves. Mom is very proud.
I love hearing from my daughter at UMaine Presque Isle. For those who don’t know, Presque Isle is an hour past the end of 95. Go North and then go North again. 

It’s too far away for me to drop by or drive her anywhere. I love how resourceful she is now that she’s on her own. 

She called a week ago to tell me that her work study job was in facilities. She was going to be cleaning the dorm she lives in. All I could think of was the bathrooms after a Friday or Saturday night. Poor girl. I encouraged her to make the best of it.

Before she was assigned this job, she went to the pool and spoke with the director there. She is well qualified for lifeguarding, since she spent the summer with people attempting to drown her (on purpose, as a training) at Camp Hinds Boy Scout Camp in Raymond. I was sad for her not getting the job she wanted, but what could I do…nothing.

However, she received an email a few days ago saying that she had a position as a lifeguard if she wanted it. They needed one more and she’d been over to speak with the director, so it was hers if she wanted it. I guess freshmen don’t always get the coveted jobs. Now she is elated. She went to her first inservice training for lifeguarding and said that Boy Scout camp really prepared her well for anything UMPI might throw at her. 

My favorite part is that she did all of this on her own. 

I’m hoping that other parents are finding that our children are making their way and their mark on their new schools and in life. I’ve seen a few students post good news and pictures of college life. They are making friends, learning about independence and succeeding.

-         Michelle Libby

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