Monday, September 1, 2014

Insight - Back to school means back to work

I can’t help but write about back to school again. With the kiddos starting school there is also a work mentality that goes with it for the parents. We see it in the writing world, in the business world and I feel it in myself. 

There’s the extra energy of fall and the children going back to school puts us in the mood to buckle down and get new projects completed. When the children are around we are constantly trying to find things for them to do, trips to the beach, daycare, summer camp, volunteer opportunities, anything but let them sit at home watching TV or playing video games. Now that they are learning, I feel like I should be getting things done too. (Of course with weather like we’ve had this week I’ve wanted to be at the beach. Not helpful.) 

It’s possible that there’s a nesting time for Mainers because we know that once school starts, fall is not far behind and then right on into winter, so we only have so much time to harvest our gardens, pick the remaining flowers, tune up our heating systems and get ready. 

Maybe there’s a race going on to see how much we can get done before the winter blahs set in. Those crisp days are coming and we want to be ready to get work done. Do you have your projects planned?
In the work place there is a renewed sense of purpose. No longer are you worried that your child is slipping backwards in math and reading, you know they are in good hands and will make gains this year no matter the grade level.  Some of their excitement is bound to rub off on us. So if you haven’t planned your fall to-do list, get on it. It’s like New Year’s with better weather. And, as they say, “There’s no time like the present.”

-          Michelle Libby

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