Saturday, August 23, 2014

Letter to the editor from Fred Collins

Dear Editor,

“Get yourself a dog”

It seems in this topsy-turvy world where folks seem to crash their cars with the use of so called “stimulating enhancements” or perhaps I can be brave and say “drugs.” 

I would like to offer a suggestion, get yourself a dog! Yes sir, you know a dog can be a man’s best friend. I have had many dogs over the years. They are first to greet you, foremost to defend, their proud heart is there master’s own. There is no need of drugs to make you brave. Just pat your dog’s head and your troubles will float away. 

Many times dogs have been heroes; first to alert at the start of smoke, they have been known to sense their master’s possible heart attack as a warning before it happens. Get yourself a dog your life will change. Together to will see the light of day. Reach out and pat a little dog’s head together, side by side your life will change. You can walk straight and tall, you know – It is never too late!

Fred Collins
Chairman of the sunshine committee

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