Sunday, August 24, 2014

Letter to the editor from Fred Collins - "Old Windham High School"

Dear Editor,
 Soon the young people will be excited about the upcoming school year. The first year of high school and also college. The challenges will be exciting! If the young folks happen to read this story it may be of interest:

It is a story of three travelers in the desert and the voice that called to them from the darkness. These three men were crossing one of those obscure deserts in a country where anything could happen. Caught between oases one night, they camped in what seemed to be an old river bed. During the night one of those freak rains began to fall. Above the lightening and the thunder of the storm, they could hear an ominous sound. Water was racing through numerous gullies up the river bed. In only a little time the flash flood in the making would engulf them. 

As they loaded their camels with haste to hurry to safer ground, a voice in the darkness called, “Take a handful of pebbles with you. Tomorrow you will be glad and sorry.” 

One of the men ignored the command. “How can you be glad and sorry?” he snapped. “We have no time for nonsense.” 

The second traveler picked up a small handful and put them in his pocket. The third man filled his hat. When daylight came the next morning, they found to their astonishment that the pebbles were precious jewels. The two who had followed the advice of the voice were both glad and sorry – glad for the jewels they had picked up and sorry because they did not pick up more when they had the chance. Their companion who scoffed at the idea the night before raced back to the campsite. He returned sadly to report that the river bed was now a sea of mud. They could never find the place again. 

Going to school is something like that. During their years, youngsters will have every opportunity to get all the education they can take. When school days are gone, they are out in the world working, they will always be glad for the education they did manage to acquire. As the years roll on they will always be sorry they did not gain more. This does not mean that all education ends with the close of school years. It simply means that it is wise to take the fullest advantage of those years because once they are gone they are gone forever.

Fred Collins
Chairman of the Sunshine Committee

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