Saturday, December 21, 2013

Insight - 2013 in review - By Michelle Libby

2013 has been a year to remember. So I’ve been trying to recollect what happened. I know in January my eighth book was released. “Crash and Burn” wasn’t a chart topper, but it has been fun to hear and read the reviews. 
Then in February I met with Kelly Mank, who had a radical idea for a newspaper that would bring the community together and would write about positive news. Sign me up. In my career I have had to call the family of a deceased man who also killed someone driving the wrong way on the interstate. That is not the type of news most people want to read about. It was definitely not the type of stories I want to write. 

Along comes The Windham Eagle, a breath of fresh air in an industry that thrives on the sensational and salacious news to draw viewer to them. The Windham Eagle searches out stories about people in Windham and Raymond who are doing great things and are making a difference. I’m reminded of the people we have helped this year through articles we have written. Jesse and his new service dog, Brittany Riley was loaned a mobility device and was given the name of a doctor who was doing a medical trial that she might be a candidate for, and one woman lost 23 pounds in our Fit4Summer challenge. The Windham Eagle is making a difference. 

It certainly has kept me busy. March to November when by in a blur. I spent quite a few weekends doing college type things with my daughter and the rest of the family including a trip north to Presque Isle. 

In November I finished the Thanksgiving edition from Mexico, the country, not Maine. Then December was over in a blink and we are almost back to where we began at the beginning of the year. 

I have given thanks for my wonderful writers, the readers who send us emails about stories they’d like to see covered, the kudos for stories they didn’t know about, but needed to, and to the businesses who have advertised with us. 

I love attending events and having people tell me how much they enjoy reading the paper, please don’t stop. And, if there are ideas or suggestions that readers have, Kelly and I are no further than a phone call or email away. 

I hope that everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas. Our next issue will be January 3, 2014. Don’t worry. We will still be covering the happenings in our communities over the holidays. News never sleeps.
From our family to yours, we wish you the brightest and best for the New Year.

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