Friday, August 11, 2017

Letter to the Editor

Dear Windham Eagle Editor,

During a recent annual ladies weekend on Thomas Pond, our group was invited to take a free class at World Class Taekwondo, 795 Roosevelt Trail, Windham. 

Our host for the weekend is a student there. We first observed the class before ours and were impressed to see the cooperative way in which students at all levels learned together and demonstrated achievements for each other. 

Many of the adult students were kind enough to stay and assist with our class. The director, Master Park, was so generous with his encouragement and he made us feel comfortable trying something we had never done before. 

The studio is spacious, well-organized, and clean. All ten of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
I highly recommend World Class Taekwondo to anyone in your community who wants to learn a new form of physical activity in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

Thank you.
Susan Williams
Maynard, MA

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