Friday, August 11, 2017

A radical embrace. An inisight by Lorraine Glowczak

Many who know me are not surprised when I tell them that I have been accused of being a tree hugger. It is true that I adore nature, respect the environment and everything in it, but I see myself as a middle of the road kind of gal. Yes, I have my passionate opinions about environmental issues but I have never been radical in my approach. Until, well - maybe now.

Being a small town Midwestern girl who moved to Maine in her early 30s, I was and still am in awe by the natural beauty of this state; and at times, I often still find that my breath can be easily taken away at the sight of an ocean wave or the forest landscape. 

I feel very lucky to call this unsoiled environment my home and I hope I never take it for granted.  

But, often, when we are exposed to such magnificence continuously, we can become complacent. Whether we love to ski, snowmobile, ride an ATV through the wooded trails, hike the mountains, enjoy a book at the beach, plant a garden or other outdoor adventures; it would serve us best if  we remained aware enough about our natural surroundings to sustain what we all love the most.

If we do fall into complacency we risk creating a situation that is destructive not only to the environment, but to ourselves as well.

As a reminder, to keep our way of life here in Maine a clean and sustainable one, I hope you take a moment and read “The Love Canal” by Michelle Libby (who is not a tree hugger, by the way) on page Her insights and reflections on a spontaneous side trip to the Love Canal in Niagara Falls, NY help to remind us to thank our lucky Perseids Meteor Shower stars that we have what we do. (Be sure to see the article, Raymond Village Library assists in hosting an “Evening Star Party at Hacker’s Hill”

I admit it. My accusers are right. I have hugged a tree from time to time. However, this is about as radical as this girl from the Heartland gets . . . at least for now.

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