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Tim Nangle: Working together for a better Maine

By State Senator Tim Nangle

Every day I commute to Augusta, I'm reminded of the incredible power working together has on our state. Maine is our home, a place where we all share dreams of a better future for ourselves and our kids. In my time at the State House, I've seen how much we can achieve when we work hard, regardless of our differences.

State Senator Tim Nangle
This past year, we've made some significant steps toward this future. We've tackled issues that matter to all of us, like making sure as many Mainers as possible have a safe place to live, providing critical support to victims of violence, and keeping our precious waters clean and safe. Today, I want to talk about a few of these efforts and show how bipartisan collaboration is not only possible, but how we can make a meaningful impact for Mainers.

Many of us know how hard it is for folks to find a safe, affordable place to live. That's why I was thrilled to see so many key housing initiatives in the bipartisan budget signed into law last summer. The budget expanded the Housing First Program, providing shelter and comprehensive support services for our chronically unhoused neighbors. Additionally, the budget set aside money for affordable housing programs, including the Rural Affordable Rental Housing Program and the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program. We also invested more funds into the Low-Income Assistance Program, helping families cover the cost of heating and other utilities.

These initiatives will help people without homes get the support they need while simultaneously making more affordable houses available. It's a big win for all Mainers struggling to find safe and affordable homes.

In a crucial step to support survivors of violence, LD 2084, “An Act to Provide Funding for Essential Services for Victims of Crimes,” received unanimous, bipartisan votes in the Judiciary Committee, as well as both the Senate and House chambers. This is a critical bill that will help to fill the gap left by dwindling federal VOCA funds. VOCA, or the Victims of Crime Act, has historically been a lifeline that offers essential services to those affected by violence.

Unfortunately, those funds from the federal government have decreased over the past few years. As a result, Maine is facing a 60 percent reduction in federal funds. By using state resources to fill this gap, LD 2084 will ensure that Maine's support network – ranging from crisis response to long-term aid for survivors – remains robust.

As you may know, I’ve been working on a bill aimed at giving towns better tools to deal with shoreland zoning violations. This was prompted by the challenges in the town of Raymond but will be helpful for all Maine towns. I’m pleased to share that LD 2101, “An Act to Strengthen Shoreland Zoning Enforcement,” received a strong, bipartisan vote from the Committee on State and Local Government and is now heading to the Senate floor for a vote. This step shows our collective effort to protect Maine's shorelands and support towns in enforcing the rules.

If you follow national news, you probably feel frustrated because it seems like partisan arguing gets in the way of any real progress. I hear you. I want you to know that in Maine, hundreds of bills every year pass the Legislature with unanimous, bipartisan support. We work together all the time to accomplish things you sent us here to do.

It doesn't matter if we're Democrats or Republicans; what matters is our shared love for Maine and our commitment to making it even better. The issues I wrote about here are only a few examples of what we can achieve when we put our minds together for the common good.

For young Mainers interested in experiencing the legislative process up close, the Maine Senate’s Honorary Page Program is a fantastic opportunity to do just that. Pages help distribute amendments and deliver messages between Senators in the Senate Chamber. To learn more or apply, reach out to the Senate Secretary’s Office at 207-287-1540 or email

I'm always here to listen to you and work on your behalf. Your thoughts, concerns, and dreams for our state guide everything I do. Let's keep the conversation going. Reach out to me anytime at or call 207-287-1515. For the latest updates, follow me on Facebook at, and sign up for my e-newsletter at

Together, we're building a brighter future for Maine, one step at a time. Thank you for your trust, support, and partnership. Let's keep moving forward together. <

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