Friday, October 20, 2023

Jessica Fay: Stepping up to protect Maine’s natural resources

By State Rep. Jessica Fay

Greetings! It sure looks and feels like fall is finally here! While we take this time to appreciate all that fall in Maine has to offer, we are proud of the work our state has done to protect our natural resources.

State Rep. Jessica Fay
As your state representative, one of my top priorities is to safeguard our environment for us, our families, and generations to come.

This past legislative session, we enacted a budget that will invest $3 million in community grants for climate resilience, $7.5 million in infrastructure adaptation for storms and nearly $17 million to match existing federal water quality program funds.

Further, we passed legislation to expand protections for Maine loons and other waterfowl by prohibiting the sale and use of certain painted lead fishing tackle, invested $200,000 in the Lake Restoration and Protection Fund to support efforts to improve and maintain water quality, balanced Maine's renewable energy development goals with efforts to conserve the state’s valuable farmland, soils and fish and wildlife habitat as well as my bill to allow water utilities to partner with conservation organizations to preserve land while protecting water quality for their ratepayers.

But despite these successes, I know there is still much more work to do to address all of the challenges facing our environment, not only in our community, but across the state.

I will be working with fellow legislators to submit a bill to assist municipalities as they work to protect water quality by enforcing Shoreland Zoning laws.

I'm looking forward to continuing this work so that every Mainer has an opportunity to enjoy all of the natural resources our state has to offer for years to come.

As always, please reach out to me if you have questions, need help or want to voice your opinion.

Fay, a Democrat, is the Maine House chair of the Government Oversight Committee and a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs, and is serving her fourth term in the Maine House of Representatives. She serves the community members of Casco, Frye Island, Raymond, and part of Poland.<

Reach State Rep. Jessica Fay by calling 207-655-5020 or by email at 

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