Friday, July 14, 2023

Andy Young: Why annoying repetitive verbosity is so irritating

By Andy Young

This very unique essay is a free gift. But here’s an advance warning: while it’s full of true facts, the whole entire thing contains few if any new innovations.

In my opinion I think the most aggravating irritant in authoring written essays is the redundancy. At the present time the reason why involves my personal past experience.

A redundancy involves needlessly repeating expressions unnecessarily, or duplicating phrases superfluously. To scribes who write using words, nothing is more irritatingly annoying.

It’s difficult and hard to know how redundancies first originated and started. Perhaps it occurred when some obscure unknown attorney at law asked a witness who had seen a crime to sit down, or to stand up, for that matter. Or maybe it took place aboard an airplane, when some foolish simpleton, tall giant or short dwarf realized that they, along with all the female women and male guys around them, were flying through the air.

Avoiding extra surplus words should be a mandatory requirement for each and every author who intends to earn money by writing for a living. Any would-be journalist whose future plans involve pursuing a career in wordsmithing will always forever lag behind if they ignore certain basic fundamentals. Any senseless dimwit who fails to avoid redundancies will inevitably in the end revert back to the start of where they began.

Consensus of opinion maintains it is an absolute certainty that repeatedly using repetitious references over and over again is excruciatingly painful to literate readers. Rational people with common sense are positively sure that written redundancies are exactly the same thing as orally speaking the identical words(s) far too frequently..

Imagine and picture this scenario: you have a sudden impulse to go to an ATM machine at 12 midnight. But an unpleasant ordeal awaits you: an armed gunman wearing a face mask! And while he doesn't hit you with a closed fist, the end result is that your finances are completely annihilated.

You had hoped to buy a foreign import car, but because you failed to plan ahead, you now face a difficult dilemma. The sum total of your chances to purchase an expensive, costly motor car are now null and void. In this particular specific case, it’s absolutely essential you postpone those plans until later.

Shortly thereafter you become conscious and wake up. Fortunately it was luckily all just a scary nightmare, probably caused by past memories.

Clearly, it’s obvious some people need a new beginning. Gathering together for an unexpected surprise could help, since returning back to a regular routine, even if it’s under false pretenses, will probably most likely yield exactly the same end result: the usual final outcome.

Also, in addition being surrounded on all sides by truly sincere invited guests is a great way to get a fresh start. A bowl of minestrone soup is a good midday lunch, and there’s an added bonus to this planned arrangement: when someone is in a safe haven completely encircled by trusted friends, they’re likely to evolve over time, rather than reverting back to throwing temper tantrums. This is blatantly obvious to anyone who’s previously conceived of this idea before.

As is my usual habit, I have re-read each and every sentence I’ve constructed over again, since it’s really vital to avoid unintended errors. Now that I’m completely finished. I hope everyone can concur and agree: all the fuss and ado concerning and regarding repeating duplicated words is justifiably reasonable.

The crucially imperative intended concluding outcome of this column: to convince every aspiring writer to eternally forever cease and desist from personally using redundancies themselves. <

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