Friday, June 10, 2022

Andy Young: Stay vigilant, America!

By Andy Young

It’s incredible how many silly conspiracy theories there are out there. 

Some people actually believe that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never landed on the moon; that Princess Di was assassinated at the behest of the British royal family; that Paul McCartney was decapitated in a 1966 car wreck (but subsequently replaced by a lookalike Beatle), and/or that the condensation trails behind airplanes are actually toxic biological agents being spread by rogue scientists to keep America’s population down (or to manipulate the weather; take your pick).

Phony conspiracy theories are just plain stupid.

Except for a genuine one that’s currently hiding right under our collective noses.

A longstanding elite cabal is bent on controlling America. They’ve taken over the United States government on several occasions in our nation’s history; in fact, they held the White House for a dozen consecutive years nearly a century and a half ago. But after their seeming demise, this covert group’s descendants have returned, more determined than ever to undermine our democracy. They’ve controlled the White House since January 2009, and there’s no end in sight to their clandestine reign.

The original plotters, led by Thomas Paine and 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence (John Adams, Sam Adams, Samuel Chase, Abraham Clark, William Floyd, Elbridge Gerry, Joseph Hewes, Francis Lewis, Thomas Lynch, Robert Paine, James Smith, Thomas Stone and George Wythe, for those who need to know), forced George Washington out of the presidency in 1797, installing John Adams in his stead. But fortunately, Thomas Jefferson wrested power back in 1801, and except for the presidencies of John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) and John Tyler (1841-45), these furtive, elitist American illuminati were kept at bay until Ulysses Grant's ascendancy in 1868. The Civil War “hero” and his successor, Rutherford B. Hayes, were both secret underminers, but fortunately their evil faction’s domination ended with James Garfield’s election in 1880.

For a time it appeared the mysterious, traitorous cult that had controlled the White House for those dozen years had been eliminated. In the 87 years following Garfield’s assassination in 1881, the Svengali-like secret society actually ran their own candidate for the presidency eight times and did multiple times under the cover of each major American political party! Fortunately Democrats William Jennings Bryan (1896, 1900, and 1908), John W. Davis (1924) and Al Smith (1928), along with Republicans Thomas Dewey (1944 and 1948) and Richard Nixon (1960), were all rebuffed by a reasonably savvy American electorate.

But the election of 1968 proved America’s long-concealed usurpers were still alive and well, and had it not been for vice-president Spiro Agnew stepping down in 1973, they’d have kept power after President Nixon’s ignominious resignation the following year. Thankfully Gerald Ford’s taking office ushered in over three decades of traitor-free presidencies.

But like other scourges throughout history, this one wouldn’t die, and after unsuccessfully attempting to claim the White House through John Kerry in 2004, the schemers regained power with Barack Obama’s election in 2008, and have held it continuously since then.

The scoundrels who’ve been running America recently intend to keep power indefinitely, and with Mike Pence and Marco Rubio waiting in the wings, they just might. For the first time in United States history, the White House has been occupied for more than 13 consecutive years by presidents with exactly five letters in their last name.

Men with five-letter surnames intend to hold power forever, and until such time as concerned citizens rise up to defeat them, they just might. Wake up, America!

Rational persons should know enough to dismiss every outlandish conspiracy theory.

Except this one. <

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