Friday, April 10, 2020

Windham Parks and Recreation offer safe Easter Egg hunt

Looking for a fun family activity to do while you're practicing social distancing on Windham's trails? Why not join in a community-wide Easter Egg Hunt!

Windham Parks and Recreation have hidden Easter Egg signs along the trails in Lippman Park, Mountain Division Trail, and the Lowell Preserve Story Walk. Look carefully - each egg has a word written on it! If you find all 9 egg signs, you can unscramble the words to discover a funny Easter joke!

The Easter Egg Hunt is currently running from now until Sunday, April 19th to give everyone plenty of time to participate. There is a worksheet that can be accessed on the link below that may help you to keep track of all the eggs you find. When you unscramble the joke, please send us an email with your name, age, and the joke itself at Parks& You will be entered to win a prize!

As always, please remember to follow good social distancing practices. “As we continue to provide fun family activities during this difficult time, anything we are offering is taking into account recommendations from the CDC,” stated Windham Parks and Recreation Director, Linda Brooks. 

“Consequently, no eggs are actually on the premises to be picked up, we still want to encourage social distancing on the trails, and if a parking lot is full, please consider visiting one of the other parks and trails.”

Brooks also reminds participants to go only with immediate family members and allow at least six feet of distance between yourselves and any other families. “We want to encourage everyone in Windham to safely enjoy time outdoors,” she said

To access the worksheet, go to:

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