Friday, October 18, 2019

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This letter is written in support of Robert Muir and Donna Chapman who are running for Town Council. Diversity of needs due to age, financial resources, health as well as diversity of occupations, interests, desires, opinions etc. are necessary for a thriving community. When comments are made that the Town Council should have unity, should have the same thoughts and opinions about goals, it makes me shudder. Those comments do not reflect the diversity of opinions in town.

Even when goals are shared, there can be many alternative ways to achieve the goals for a better outcome. Windham does not need seven council members who all think and vote the same way. That is dangerous! Having served on the council with both Bob and Donna, I know that they share the same perspectives on some issues and not on others. But they both are honest, dependable, have historical knowledge, understand restraint in government, and understand that a lot of people in Windham cannot afford big increases in taxes. Their common sense prevails.  If you want to maintain the voice of diversity of ideas on the council, I urge you to vote for Robert Muir and Donna Chapman.

Liz Wisecup

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