Sunday, July 7, 2019

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Representative Patrick Corey of Windham has once again showed his support for Maine's economic development and the future of our planet by voting in support of LD 1711- An Act To Promote Solar Energy Projects and Distributed Generation Resources in Maine. Rep. Corey was the only House Republican to vote in favor of the bill which continues his long tradition of voting with common sense rather than with the party line when it comes to Maine's renewable energy future. He also supports a bill to bring Maine to 80% renewable energy by 2030!

Mainers spend more than $5 billion each year to import out of state fossil fuels including the cost to bring electricity generated by fossil fuels to Maine.  With eight years of strong political headwinds under the Lepage administration, Maine has stayed firmly in last place in solar implementation in New England, so our state has been unable to move the needle on that $5 billion. With leadership from Representatives like Patrick Corey, Maine is well on its way to preserving our environment, battling climate issues, creating jobs and reducing the cost of electricity for all ratepayers.

Maine is finally standing behind our state motto "Dirigo" which is Latin for "I lead" with respect to renewable energy. Based on Rep. Corey's long-standing support of solar in Maine, I wouldn't be surprised if he has Dirigo for a vanity plate or perhaps its tattooed on his arm.  On behalf of my wife and two young children, my five colleagues in the solar industry who also live in Windham, and every Mainer who wants to see a bright, clean future powered by the sun - our most abundant natural resource - Thank You Representative Patrick Corey for your support.

Enjoy the Sun!
Nate Bowie
Windham resident and life-long Mainer

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