Friday, November 16, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: The following letters are published in the order they have been received.

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the 230,000 AARP members in our state, AARP Maine congratulates Maine’s Governor-elect, the Senators and Representatives who will serve in the 129th state legislature, and Maine’s federal elected officials who will represent us in Washington in 2019. 

While Maine has a strong record of voter turnout, this year’s mid-term election season inspired record numbers of voters to make their voices heard at the polls and through absentee ballots. 

During the last few weeks our office engaged with thousands of AARP members and their families around the state. We conducted a statewide survey of Maine voters 50-plus and released the results in early September. We organized non-partisan community conversations on healthcare, hosted gubernatorial candidate tele-town hall forums and co-sponsored televised debates with the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates. Our goal was to listen to the concerns of Maine voters 50-plus and offer opportunities for candidates to share their positions with Maine’s largest voting bloc.

With the elections now over, Mainers are eager to hear from those elected on how they will fulfill their campaign promises. How will our federal representatives protect Social Security and Medicare? 

How will our state legislators expand community services and support so older Mainers can age in place? How will they enable rural communities to be better connected through improved transportation options and broadband? How can both federal and state officials work to lower the cost of skyrocketing prescription drugs upon which so many older Mainers rely?

These are just some of the concerns we heard about through our voter engagement initiatives this fall. In just a few weeks, the next session will be underway, and AARP Maine welcomes the opportunity to work with the Governor-elect and state and federal lawmakers on these critical issues.

Rich Livingston
AARP Maine Volunteer State President

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the people of Windham for your kind words of support, encouragement and votes. I am honored and humbled to have been a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives for District #25 in Windham. All along the campaign trail, I listened to voters in our District voice their concerns about rising health care costs and aging in place, rising property taxes largely due to the State not meeting its funding obligations, business regulatory issues, State road repair delays, and concerns over the lack of progress on the cleanup and redevelopment of the Keddy Mill Superfund Site. All of these issues rightfully deserve attention in Augusta. 

Thanks to all of the volunteers who drove while I knocked on doors, helped with campaign signs, hosted signs, made clean elections donations on my behalf, wrote letters to the editor, and gave me moral support. Thanks to Ben, my campaign advisor, Marissa, my campaign treasurer, and Andrew for entering all my data. 

Most importantly, thanks to my family - Brian for filling in on many family duties while I was out knocking on doors, Nathaniel for creating my website, Matthew for sign help, and my mom, Harriet, for riding with me while I was knocking on doors on those few days I did not have a driver. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Again, thank you!

Jennie Butler 

Dear Editor,

Another Veterans Day is in the books. The American Legion Field-Allen Post 148 for the first time in recent history elected to participate in the Legion Poppy Program. A reminder, all funds donated to the Legion can only be used to support Veterans and their families and service members and their families.

I wanted to spend a few minutes to thank the community for their great support this Veterans Day weekend and to share on a few stories or comments that were passed on to the Post and Auxiliary members. One woman never heard of the program and my Auxiliary partner gave her a brief history of the Poppy Program dating back to 1919. A gentleman accepted the poppy and indicated that he would wear it proudly on his hat in memory of his WWII father who passed away this year at age 94.

Another woman whose Korean War veteran husband had passed away some years ago said that she looked forward to the poppies and that she has made a wreath of them in memory of her husband and would add the poppy to the wreath.
Most people given a poppy stopped for a moment in their busy lives, smiled with words of encouragement and said thank you.

Thank you for supporting veterans. All that sharing from the simple act, the simple pleasure of presenting a single paper poppy to someone was heartwarming.

David Tanguay

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity and give a thank you the individual who walked into Corsetti's in Windham and left $50 at the register with instructions it was to be used to pay for purchase made by any veteran. It is this kind thought and appreciation that goes so much further than money can buy. Thank you whoever you are.

Stephen Signor

Dear Editor,

I'd like to thank my supporters and Windham's people who cast a vote to send me back to the State House. Many of you have been so welcoming and willing to share your thoughts and concerns year after year on doorsteps while I've been campaigning. Please, keep that communication coming my way.

Both Maine and Windham have many challenges ahead of us and my promise will always be to evaluate legislation based on its particular merit and approach my work in a judicious manner. I will always work to improve the lives of House District 25's people.
I appreciate and honor the support you've given me over the years.

Rep. Patrick Corey

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank the residents in House District 66 (parts of Raymond, Casco and Poland) for turning out to vote last week and for entrusting me with a second term as State Representative. A very special thank you to those who have shared their thoughts with me during office hours, at doors, or via email and social media. These contacts with constituents continue to guide me as a Representative, and this campaign has been such a wonderful opportunity for me to hear so many voters’ stories and to better understand the issues that are important to people in the District.

I’d also like to take the time to recognize the folks who worked tirelessly at the polls, most of them volunteers, on Election Day. They deserve our sincere gratitude, as this day of heavy voter participation was a long one. Our poll workers showed such patience and diligence in making sure that all voters had what they needed to cast their ballots. 

Our democracy depends on people willing to participate, both by voting and by volunteering in their community during an election.

As we begin a new Legislative session with a new Governor, I hope that you will continue to reach out with your thoughts about state government and the issues that interest you. Please feel free to email me at or call me at 415-4218.

It continues to be a pleasure and a privilege to serve the people of Raymond, Casco and Poland.

Jessica Fay
State Representative
Maine House District 66

Dear Editor,

In our lifetime we set goals that we work consistently toward. Goals, however, are seldom accomplished single handedly. If we are fortunate, good and caring people assist in “Staying the Course” that leads to the full realization of Victory!

One of my favorite sayings comes from our Sabbathday Lake Shaker Society…”the more the hands the lighter the work”.  How true these words are and how much this saying plays in a successful outcome. At this time of year as we reflect on our blessings with our family and friends, I want to “Thank You” for your support in my jaunt for re-election to the Maine State House of Representatives. Each of you impacted the final Tally and the “Winning” results!

I am excited for this honor to continue to serve you and represent our House District #67. We will face difficult and challenging issues for certain, but I am set to continually engage in moving Maine forward!

My best wishes to you for a blessed, joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas Season with those you love and hold dear!

Rep. Sue M. W. Austin  
Proudly Serving the Good Folks of Dist. 67
Portions of Gray, Raymond, Casco, and all of Frye Island
In God We Trust

Dear Editor,

We would like to express our thanks to the Good Samaritans who called police and rescue when we were in an accident on election night.

To Windham Police officers Brokos and Stubbs, and especially to EMT personnel Mike Beneke and Logan Doak, we are very grateful for your kind and professional care.

Wilbur and Barbara Hall

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