Friday, April 27, 2018

Insight: Accepting the battle of competing passions by Lorraine Glowczak

With each week’s publication, it never ceases to amaze me the number of people in our two small towns who live life with purpose, focus and passion; including many of the young members of the community. This week, the students from Ms. Rush’s Social Studies class and Kayla Collins fundraising efforts (both on the front page) reminded me to live fully and that our future is in good hands.
While I tend to live passionately and fully; focus and single-mindedness are not my strong suits. As a
result, I jump on board every opportunity to be of service and onto all adventures that cross my path. This overzealous tactic of passionate living pulls me in multiple directions, leaving my most ardent dream (publishing a book of essays) in the dust. I struggle daily with this fact. This leads me to a recent conversation I had with someone that made me stop and reflect upon this very issue.

While trying to establish a date to meet with a group of fellow writers, we were having a difficult time accommodating our busy schedules. All nine of us were going back and forth, tossing up possible dates but a conflict or two would always present itself. Our inability to quickly determine a date and time would frustrate the most laid-back personality.

As we were nearing the final possibilities, one person in the group got up to leave. As she passed by me, I asked, “Did you have date that might work best for you.” 

“This will be a waste of my time,” she responded. “I’m very particular about how I spend my time and I want to use it wisely.”

Although her words were a bit curt to my Midwestern ears, she spoke a truth and I admired her ability to remain focused with such conviction. She is also passionate about life, so her words made me stop to think how I might be misusing my time, preventing me from fulfilling my dream of publication.

For days afterwards, I reflected upon her ability to focus and live with intention. “How can I be like her?” I wondered.

One morning while jogging, it dawned on me – with disappointment at first. I am not her and will never be her and she is not me. Everything I do – I do because I love it. Yes, it is true that I – and all of us who feel pulled in many directions - may need to pull back the reigns from time to time and allow space to fulfill our lifelong dreams. As for me, there will always be too many adventures and learning opportunities to deny my gypsy’s soul. I will adjust the sails when appropriate and accept the pull of competing passions. 

So, if you see me running around town looking frantic and aimless, you have my permission to bop me on the head and remind me to pull back the reigns a bit. Then, tell me about all the exciting adventures you are pursuing in life, and I may just hop on board. Stat!

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