Friday, October 20, 2017

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Feel free to stand or kneel when reading this. I shall preface the letter by first admitting that I do stand during the National Anthem. 

However, I would like to believe that I would not be persecuted if I chose to kneel, sit, roll over or play dead. I just can’t take this issue seriously. Just like every other controversial subject, the band wagon has slowly become a convoy, in this case - with everyone weighing in that it is un-American to do anything other than stand during the anthem; the same anthem that speaks of our freedom, including the freedom of choice. 

Athletes, regardless of their sport, are not a true representation of what America is all about. Once again, because of the lime-light, the media has provoked the masses to rally against something that has no bearing on how we will continue to live out our otherwise mundane lives; regardless of when or how this dies out, thus making a mountain out of a mole hill. In the wake of the current national disasters and the most recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, the National Anthem should be the least of our concern.

The protesting individuals have a reason, valid or not, to do what they are or are not doing, and it is not for us to judge, based on some predication or edict that the National Anthem is something holy and without discretion.

Stephen Signor

To the Editor,    

I am writing to support the candidacy of David Nadeau for Town Council re-election. I feel that David has done an excellent job on the Windham Town Council. 

David continuously displays his passion for the community and the people of Windham. David brings his unique perspective to the roles of Town governance and his past experience is invaluable to the benefit of the Town of Windham.  David has proved he is very knowledgeable on many of the complex issues that not only affect our town but also the county.  David is totally immersed in each individual aspect of the town and he does his homework to be sure that he is knowledgeable on the issues facing the Town of Windham. David is easily accessible to the Windham residents.

David listens to all sides when it comes to supporting the issues that are of most concern to the people of Windham.  In my opinion, this is vital for any town council official.

I feel David Nadeau is the obvious choice for Town Council. I am thankful we have willing public servants such as him. 

Michael T. Duffy

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