Saturday, September 30, 2017

Letter to the Editor


The story on Chris Hanson's move from Raymond to Windham is much appreciated. As someone who worked with him for two years in Raymond and is a Windham resident, I am excited for Windham’s future.  I know that, given time and opportunity, he will prove to be a great asset to our town.

 My statements to your reporter were paraphrased in the article and, for the most part, I am not displeased. However, on one point I do take issue. I stated, “Chris Hanson knows how to work as part of a team".  I chose this wording specifically because, to me, it has a significantly different connotation than the hackneyed descriptive of “a team player".

I understand each publication is free to rely on its own style standards. Perhaps I am in a minority to whom double quote marks imply a verbatim quote. For the sake of clarity, may I suggest the use of single quotes when paraphrasing? 

Mary Quirk

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