Friday, April 28, 2017

Insight: Planting remarkable seeds by Lorraine Glowczak

This week’s publication is primarily focused on all things home and garden. We are thinking green and are very excited to get this season up and running.

One of the many things we get to do this time of year is plant seeds and then watch them grow into beautiful and colorful flowers or fresh vegetables warmed by the summer sun. 

I’d like to take a moment and recognize another set of seeds: Those remarkable, yet microscopic kernels that have been planted by the many optimistic, passionate and giving members of the Windham and Raymond Communities.

We all know that the signs of a healthy community include such things as economic growth and the local schools’ success. It seems to me we are there and we continue to be working in the right direction in these areas. 

However, in the past couple of weeks, my path has crossed with some amazing individuals who, in their own unique way contribute to this community’s achievements. They plant seeds of joy, devotion and enthusiasm that grow and become a contributing factor to a successfully cohesive society.
Here are some recent examples:

*A mother who gives 100% of her time to her children’s school; helping to create a safe playground environment for all students.
*Four individuals who walk every morning to not only get their daily exercise, but to pick up trash along the way.
*A husband and wife team who love to dance so much, that they share that love by hosting a Sunday afternoon dance session for the public. The cost? Non-perishable items that will be given to the local food pantry.*Or the woman who adores animals so much, that she started an animal rescue venture that saves cats, dogs, bunnies, etc. from the southern states that euthanize.
*The educators, staff members and volunteers at all the RSU14 schools, who all bend over backwards to make sure the young members of this community receive a superb educational experience to help prepare them for a future of success.

My list could go on and on. These individuals, and more, plant seeds of hope, change and success that make this community bloom in ways both known and unknown.

Sometimes, small towns like ours get a bad rap. But, if only, others knew what we do. If only, others met all the amazing people who live here, they would be as impressed as we are. So - keep planting those seeds and let those buds bloom profusely and proudly.

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