Friday, January 27, 2017

INSIGHT - Grateful for scheduled spontaneity by Lorraine Glowczak

Recently, a few long-time friends and I were trying to organize a gathering with one another. Attempting to get all eight of our busy schedules to come together can be a feat similar to moving mountains.

In less than 24 hours, we miraculously managed to establish a time and date that accommodated each of our individually eventful lives. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen one another, so we were delighted that the plans worked out so well and so quickly. We’ll see each other in about three weeks.

I am a spouse of one member of this group of friends, so their stories and experiences precede me; but there was a time in their lives when they could spontaneously call each other up (on a phone attached to a wall) and simply say, “Let’s meet in an hour at the beach/bar.” Within the hour, the party started. I could say the same about my own past experiences.

I am now older and lead a very active existence. To be honest, I love my busy life because I only do the things I love to do, albeit a few required exceptions. But the idea that I have to schedule a “spontaneous” gathering with friends, weeks in advance, made me take a closer look at myself. I gather from others that I’m not alone in this fill-it-up lifestyle.

I suspect there are a multitude of reasons for this “busy bandwagon” that a majority of us have hoped onto that requires some self-reflection and courageous change. Or, we could all jump ship and get out of the so-called rat race altogether. However, I can’t be certain the opposite extreme is the answer, either. 

I have decided that the temporary solution for my dilemma, until a permanent one comes along, is to be grateful that I am lucky to have the “problem” of living a full life. Of all the problems to have in the world, how can I complain about this one? Of course, I am not advocating for overbooked lives, but until we/I embrace that sought after balance - I am grateful that I get to schedule spontaneity with friends who love me and I adore. If we can hang in there with each other until we get the hang of a balanced life, perhaps one day we will call each other up (on our cellphones) and meet within the hour.

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