Friday, January 29, 2016

Insight - Greedy for gas prices - By Michelle Libby

Remember back a year or so ago, when gas prices were kissing $4 here in Windham. Every time we went to fill up our wallets or credit cards groaned in protest. We considered trading in our big SUVs and purchasing a bike or a Vespa, or at least I did. 

Looking back I think how did we ever survive those prices. Maybe we didn’t and that’s why we have debt that we’re trying to get rid of. (See the Money Matters section for help on this issue.)

When gas hit $1.99 I was thrilled. Giddy, even. On The Biggest Loser, they call it Wonderland when someone reaches the 100s for the first time if a while. $1.99 was gas price wonderland. Now that it’s ever less expensive, I keep hoping to see $.99. I’m a dreamer, what can I say. 

So $1.99 is a great gas price, but in Biddeford it’s $1.79. Holy cow!

I had an appointment in Biddeford and almost drove off the road trying to get to the gas station to fill up my car with the less expensive gas. Most of the time I drive around Windham and Raymond and fill up here, but when I  have the opportunity to fill up for less, I’m all over it. 

I wouldn’t drive to Biddeford, just to fill up…that seems crazy to spend two hours of my day driving back and forth to fill up my 13 gallon tank. That would save me, what, $2.00. It seems like a great deal, but when we get down to it…not so awesome. Of course, if filling up a motorhome with a 200 gallon tank…that might be a different story. question about gas in Windham has always been, how come we have a gas price bubble here. Why are prices 10 or 20 cents more a gallon then Raymond for example? I’ve never understood why Windhamites have to pay more at the pump. Does it have to do with tourists traveling through the region? Or that it takes the trucks more time to get to us? I don’t understand it, but for now I’m thrilled that we are in gas price wonderland and I’m happy to stay there for the foreseeable future.

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